Ayurveda talks about Food combinations and the correct time to eat them.

Ayurveda and its principles from decades have always been a source of inspiration for health enthusiasts. With the gaining grounds, over the years, people around the globe have shown an immense inclination towards Ayurveda to keep the mind and body healthy. Today’s blog topic is one of our favourites as it involves self-care, which is the utmost form of starting a healthy life in the right way. So, without any further ado, let’s answer the most crucial questions. 

Can we have a heavy dinner?

Heavy dinners are a Big No!! You must have heard that breakfast must be the most nutritious meal of the day, and then the food intake quantities must be in descending order. Well, mainly because at night our body faces a hard time digesting heavy foods. So, one must keep in mind that high-carb-rich food should be strictly avoided during the night. Try to implement this in your daily eating habit, and we are sure you will see the difference once your body adapts to this change.

Are Sugar and Honey the same? 

Well, it can be a little disheartening for people with a sweet tooth, but yes, Sugar & Honey are not the same. Slowly but gradually, everyone understands the importance of cutting down the sugar intake in a regular diet and adopting Honey as a better health companion due to its health benefits.  

Is Banana milkshake good for health?

We know this sounds unbelievable, but it’s an ancient fact. A banana milkshake is not suitable for your health. According to Ayurveda, the combination of milk and banana comes under “virudha aahar” (incompatible food), which means when consumed, it generates “ama” (toxins) in the body, leading to various diseases. Additionally, it can also cause congestion, colds, rashes, and allergies in some people. So, one must avoid drinking banana milkshakes as often one can.

Can fruits be good to be taken after dinners? 

It is a big Noo!! According to Ayurveda, fruits should not be consumed before dinner. The natural sweet present in fruits boosts digestive fire & thereby aids good digestion. Whereas when taken after dinner it puts a load on digestive system & makes it’s slower than usual. 

Watch TV or indulge in any other activity while eating food is fine ? 

It is a regular practice of people eating their dinners while watching TV. Ayurveda considered this as a bad practice. It suggests that one must concentrate on having your meal as indulging in other activities distracts your mind & also slow down the digestion process. When you focus on your feed, you will be more careful about overeating, improving the dining experience. 

Eating dinner late night is good for health ?

Late dinners have been a trend nowadays, with people working late tend to have their late-night snack more often than they used to. But according to the science of nature, Ayurveda, this is not right. One must avoid eating food after 8 PM as, during the night, Kapha dosha is predominant, which naturally slows down the “Agni” (digestive fire), leading to bad gut health.  

So, these were some common myths about food items. We hope that you guys will adapt to the healthy way of living life with Ayurveda. Follow our blogs for more such updates.