India is a land of colors and endless festivities here; we are connected with everything so beautifully & remarkably. We knowingly or unknowingly connected to nature through our inner spirits like any other blood relations. This bond of our body with nature becomes more vital when we are in link with what our body is saying and reacting accordingly; Ayurveda calls it Aatma Chaitanya (Self-awareness). 

Coming to the upcoming hot talk of the hour, Holi. Indeed, it is the most beautiful Festival in our country that again gives us another chance to cherish our bond with nature most colorfully. Read more to find out how Holi is not a festival but a chance to connect with nature and bond with our existence.

  1. Holi celebrates the arrival of Spring.

The season of beautiful colors is around the corner, and it is welcomed with this beautiful Festival. Holi is not just another festival of our country; it celebrates the arrival of colors in nature. Holi arriving at the end of a previous season and start of a new season of joy, addressed as “Ritu sandhi” in Ayurveda, is the most valuable time when you can connect with nature & avail yourself with endless health benefits. That’s why we believe that Holi is just not a festival where we play with colors; it is a festival where we unite with the upcoming season & nature.

  • Holi is good for our minds.

The Festival of colors takes us out of our regular lives and unites us with our near and dear ones in the most colorful way. The Festival soothes our minds and creates a relaxing vibe around us. According to Ayurveda, this practice brings more “Satav” (Positivity) in our body & attracts the same from nature. 

  • The Festival of colors is good for our bodies.

Holi is a festival that has been played in our country for ages; mythologically speaking, Holi was played by Lord Krishna and Radha. In ancient scripts, it is written that every color has its influence on the body and significance in our lives. Like the color yellow brings calmness in our eyes, red brings out stimulation in our hearts. That’s why Holi is considered to be a harmonious festival of all.

  • Holi purifies the surroundings around us.

Every Festival in our country has its own story that makes it essential. Holi, too is a festival that has a story behind it, when we burn the holy wood and celebrate Holika Dahan. It is said that the impurities around us is also burned in the Holi fire. Indeed, purifying our surroundings and us deeply.

  • Naturally inspired rituals are good for our skin and our body.

Holi is not just about playing with water & color but about bringing the best to nature to you & you’re loved ones. Instead of using harsh chemical scrub, one must try homemade DIY neem & yogurt face mask. And yes, don’t forget to serve homemade rose sharbat to your party animals for a natural glow from inside to outside. 

So, you see how culturally rich and beautiful this Festival of colors is for our body and our mind. We hope you have a great experience this Holi bonding with your family and spending time with nature. We wish you all a very Happy Holi from our team.