There are a lot of barriers for women in this world. Let’s take a vow to break them together.
Dr. Nitika Kohli, a prominent Ayurveda Expert & leading Maestro of AIMIL Healthcare believes that despite having barriers between you and your freedom, it is important that you break them all and take the first step towards leading a happy and successful life!

Let’s vow together and claim what is ours! #Freedom

Freedom to choose:

Everyone has the need to be accepted by society, but people don’t generally understand the importance of accepting yourself. It is foremost that you start making your own choices and be independent in your decisions. Dr. Nitika Kohli has always inspired women to be independent to take their life’s decisions when it comes to choosing the right solution for healthcare! 

Freedom from unwanted skin disorders

This Independence day, take a vow to take freedom from unwanted skin disorders by taking on the best ayurvedic solutions to your skin disorders! Dr. Nitika Kohli, a prominent Ayurveda Expert & leading Maestro of AIMIL Healthcare, has treated many women like you, and gifted them the best solutions to their problems, and gave them freedom from unwanted skin disorders. 

Freedom to live freely

Many women become targets for not keeping up with the ‘so-called’ societal norms about having a social life. Even in the modern era, our society has some fatal norms about how women should behave and be dependent on men for their needs! This Independence day, take the freedom to say NO to unnecessary societal norms that restrict you to live freely. You are the best version of yourself, never change that because of someone’s poor judgment! 

Thus, Women are stronger when they work together, but they are strongest when they fight together. This independence day, let’s join hands and pray for all the non-healthy, toxic societal barriers and wish them some #SochKiAzadi