Whenever I say self-love, quite a few people think it’s just a fancy tag of being selfish or self-obsessed! But that couldn’t be the truth. If you’re wondering what the real truth behind self-love is, how it works and what are ways to love yourself – you’re at the right place!

What is Self Love or Self Care as per Ayurveda? 

As an Ayurveda practitioner and firm believer of incorporating ayurvedic principles into our everyday lives, I feel self care or self love is the first step towards healing. Just like you can’t solve a problem unless you acknowledge its existence; similarly, no medicines or treatment can work on your body and mind unless you make positive changes and take proactive steps to keep yourself happy.  

Talking about the act of self-care Ayurveda presents an insightful description of self-love in form of “dincharya” or daily routine. By following this simple yet very effective procedures

it can keep you functioning better and healthy every single day.

Although those small day to day practises works miraculous for you and your body. But might not work the same for your friend – like you maybe a tea person while your friend or companion needs her morning coffee! Therefore, to identify the key principle it’s important to identify your dosha type and make sure your daily habits are in line with it. This can help you give your mind and body that coveted inner balance.  

The Three Ways of bringing Self Love into your everyday LIFE 

There are three primary ways of bringing self care into your daily routine, that includes-

Healthy daily diet, proper lifestyle and peaceful sleep routine. Simple little changes in these three aspects of your life can make your body and mind happier than you can imagine!

Don’t believe it? Let’s delve deeper…

Diet & Ayurveda 

Well, your love for potatoes will not really make you a potato, but the essence is that our body craves for certain types of foods and it ultimately decides our overall fitness, moods and much more! 

Small dietary changes that might help you feel better –

* FOR REFRESHED MORNING- Begin your day with a cup of warm herbal tea as it detoxes your body & soothes your systems. It also helps you to kick start your day with energy.

* FOR HYDRATED AFTERNOON- consume cool green smoothie and enjoy it while it’s still fresh- as sunny days bring nothing but dehydration & to overcome its adverse effect of your body-

* FOR LOW EVENING- Enjoy that bar of dark chocolate you’ve been saving for something special!

* FOR HUNGER STIVE- Reach out to a stash of guilt free nuts and dry fruits to snack on

* FOR CONCIOUS EATING- Incorporate healthy greens and sprouts into your diet & no matter what you’re eating, eat mindfully and chew every bite properly

* FOR SOOTHING NIGHTS- End your tiring day with a glass of warm milk with turmeric 

Following them all is hard right? Don’t worry adding any one of these in your routine will make a huge difference

Lifestyle & Ayurveda 

Our crazy work routines, stress and everyday chores are literally never ending, and this pandemic (with WFH, less help and kids staying home) has brought that into focus like never before. But what is life if we can’t enjoy a few little pleasures every single day? 

I suggest doing a little something for yourself every day. That “something” may not be a costly spa session or a vacation. Here are a few simple things that you can do everyday –

* Start your day with a 3 minute self face massage or facial (with a suitable natural oil) to invigorate your senses and your skin!

* Practise 5-minute everyday meditation session just by closing your eyes and staying away from screens (and other distractions) works wonders for your body and mind

* Not exercising every day? Start today! Even if it’s just for 10 minutes to begin with.

* Yoga person or gym enthusiast? No matter what’s your exercise style, let’s bring it out in the open! The fresh air and greenery around can double the benefits of your everyday exercise routine. 

* Read that book you’ve been wanting for! Even if it’s just a couple of pages to begin with. 

* Watch a relaxing movie!

* Soak yourself in a hot bath tub or take a warm shower. Light some essential oil candles to truly relax yourself

* Show your feet some TLC – soak them in a hot tub and follow up with a foot cream massage before you tuck in for the night

Sleep & Ayurveda 

On an average, we spend one thirds of our lives sleeping. Yes! It’s THAT important. So if you’ve been ignoring your sleep routine, it’s time to wake up (pun intended!).

Things you can do to improve your sleep –

* If you’ve been missing on sleep due to work or other reasons, sleep debt can pile up. Prioritize your body and put everything else on hold – sleep 8-10 hours at a stretch to help your body refresh and recharge.  

 * On a regular basis, try going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday – weekday or weekends don’t matter!

* Dedicate 6-8 hours to peaceful sleep every night

* Switch off all screens at least half an hour before your sleep time

* Make sure your bedroom light and temperature is perfect for a good night’s sleep

* If you are restless, avoid intake of caffeinated drinks before bedtime

* A glass of warm milk can help you sleep better

* Soft instrumental music can relax your mind and help your body unwind

* Light essential oil diffusers by the bedside to soothe your nerves

Start Loving Yourself – Today

There is no right time to indulge in self-care, once you start loving the act of self-love, every day will be a valentine for you & your surroundings. Practising these very beneficial tips every day, brings in the change you have been looking for. Start with just one idea of your diet, lifestyle and sleep every day and feel the change. So here I am signing off with more power & positivity to you & unless you’re in that “smitten in love” phase of life! –

true love is nothing but self-love.