Hey if you’re mom-to-be or perhaps surrounded with someone going through this beautiful journey of nurturing, either way this blog is for you!

Pregnancy or garbha dharan (conception) as per Ayurvedic terminology, is unique experience for every woman. In Ayurveda, giving birth to a healthy child is seen similar to sowing a tree, for which it requires many factors like healthy seed (mother’s ovum & father’s sperm), adequate soil (healthy uterus), right environment (healthy state of womb), nourishing water (Nutritional support) which once all comes together & develop a new healthy life.

Understanding the concerns of modern day busy women’s, that how difficult it is for mom-to-be, to keep the state of body, mind & soul healthy throughout the journey. We are here with some really easy Ayurvedic tips that would surely ease this special phase of life.

  • Eat Right, Eat Well!!

Ayurveda has always been a teacher of healthy living. First step to your pregnancy diet should be nourishing food. Try include cow’s ghee, milk or milk products, fresh vegetables (bottle gourd, spinach, cabbage, bell peppers), seasonal fruits, nuts (dates, almonds) in your diet. During pregnancy, one should always eat freshly cooked meals and avoid eating left-overs. Also, one should always try plant-based whole or sprouted grains rather than processed foods.

  • Listen to the signs of your body

Ayurveda has always been a mascot of understanding the signs of your body. Especially during pregnancy one must try to understand what all your body is trying to tell you and act accordingly. So, favor your cravings, understand what you really want to eat and what you really need to do to enjoy this beautiful time of life. Always remember you are eating for two bodies so honoring your cravings is very important. Just keep in mind that eat definite portions and try to switch to healthy options rather than going for junk, fried and unhealthy food.

  • Abhyanaga (Ayurvedic massage) can be real stress-buster

During third trimester of pregnancy and after delivery as well, it is always advisable to practice abhyanaga by trained practitioner at least once a week. Ayurvedic massage can help in strengthening body and help you feel relaxed. Just remember, stress during this time is really harmful for the baby, so avoid stressful situations and indulge in soothing activities like abhyanaga, meditation etc.

  • Never hold the natural urge

During pregnancy Ayurveda strictly prohibit to hold the natural urge like urination, sneezing, burping, yawing etc., as holding them for too long vitiate dosha’s (Body principle energies) & may cause discomfort. Pregnant women should also avoid sitting on hard & uncomfortable surface.

  • Physical activities and emotional support are really important.

Pregnancy is really crucial. So, to smoothly pave away the whole pregnancy cycle, try avoiding a lot of travel, and intense cardio exercises. Rather focus on easy exercises like walking every day and pregnancy yoga. This will surely help you grow and will not become a strain during pregnancy. Try doing easy yoga poses like mountain & warrior pose.

Ayurveda believes that a child’s mental development starts as and when the mother conceives the baby. So, the child’s personality is beginning to shape inside the mother, that is why at this stage, every mother should listen to calming music, learn new things, stay happy and be stress-free. The child’s personality is always influenced by the mother’s state of mind, so be happy to ensure the child inside you should also feel happy.

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