Holi is the festival of colors. It is undeniably the most vibrant of them all. It surely brings a lot of cheer to you but not to your skin and hair. The use of colors on the face and hair while playing Holi can leave them parched and frizzy. If you use organic colors, the impact can be lowered but most people are seen using harsh chemical-based colors only.
We don’t want you to escape from everyone and hide inside your house,  go out and play but not without the Holi regimen. If you don’t follow the steps mentioned below, you would make your skin more prone to itching, breakouts, rashes, discoloration, and allergies.


Before going out to play, you must prep your skin and hair. Here are a few tips-
1. Massage your face & body with coconut oil, vaseline or aloe vera gel before an hour of going out so that your skin and color has a barrier in between.

2. Apply vaseline on the cuticles, elbows and knees. Don’t forget the sunscreen and face cream.

3. Wear cotton clothes that cover your body parts and act as extra protection otherwise, the colors will directly affect your skin.

4. Don’t get any laser treatment, facials or threading done before Holi, all these can aggravate sensitivity.

5. Before going out for Holi apply hair oil on the scalp and roots lightly, otherwise the color will leave your hair very frizzy.

Here comes the tougher part. After playing Holi, now is the time to remove the colors but without applying anything harsh. Here is what Dr. Nitika recommends-
1. Wash your eyes with cold water and don’t rub your skin to remove the colors. Apply a mix of curd and lemon to take off the colors gently.

2. To wash colors off your hair apply curd on them too. Leave it for a while to let it dilute the color.

3. A mild shampoo can be used to wash hair and remove curd and color from it. Your hair won’t lose the shine or get frizzy this way.

This is it. If the color is too harsh it may take a while to go. So, make sure you follow the steps mentioned above for 2 to 3 days at least.
May you have a happy and safe Holi. Enjoy the day!