Mothers, at any age, are constant nurturers. We have all seen our mothers prioritizing our meals, schedules, and health over theirs. But let’s change this a bit this Mother’s Day. Let’s do something to help her prioritize the most crucial thing over everything else. Sending expensive gifts, cards, and flowers is fine. But give her something she needs- “Her health.”

She is, of course, a superwoman, but her body undergoes continuous hormonal changes, which take its toll on her emotional & physical wellbeing. Let’s see how Ayurveda and simple minor lifestyle changes can help overcome these health challenges.

How To Turn Ayurveda Into A Guarding Angel For Your Mother

#1: Mothers In their 30s

Ayurveda does not explicitly talk about “Hormones” but has very uniquely presented its

co-relation as “Dhatu Agni” (Internal tissue metabolism). Ayurveda explains a mother’s 30s as a pitta (One of the principal element of life, according to Ayurveda) governed phase of life.

Particularly during this phase, women’s reproductive health is at its best. Many women are either having their first baby, lactating, or planning a second baby in this period. Therefore to help them nurture themselves during this phase of life, one must encourage them to reduce hot, spicy food, avoid excessive sun exposure, and anger as this may lead to various reproductive issues. Instead, help her manage stress by doing yoga, meditation, pursuing a hobby, or setting aside time for self-care every day & eat well-balanced, healthy food.

#2: Mothers In 40s and 50s – Tackling The Menopause

The 40s and 50s are difficult for your mothers. At this stage of life, there is a transitional shift from pitta to Vata dominant phase. During this stage, lack of sleep, intake of cold food, and stress can cause many menopausal issues & trust us; Menopause isn’t a piece of cake.

Talk to your Mother freely and enquire what symptoms she is going through. Avoid spicy, sour, acidic, and salty foods if she is experiencing Pitta-based symptoms like irritability, night sweats, and hot flashes. At the same time, give her fresh fruits, vegetables & cool homemade beverages. On the contrary, if there are Vata-related symptoms like vaginal dryness or sleeplessness. Then, balance her diet with warm, nourishing foods.

#3: 60s And Onwards

Now, this is a pure Vata dominant phase of women’s life. During this phase, she must enjoy life to the fullest. Encourage her to do daily warm oil massage preferably sesame oil in winters & coconut or almond oil in other seasons. Oil massage will help nourish their joints, calms the nervous system & brings strength to dry skin. Eating healthy nourishing food is the ideal during this time, add good fats like desi ghee to their diet & of course, limit sweet intake for better health.

And top of it, try to give your Mother the quality time she looks for; take her for morning walks amidst the birdsongs. You will get to know her better, and it will be great for her physical and mental health. Above all, she needs your love, care, and sensitivity to thrive and be the nurturer she has been and will always be!