Holidays can be really hard on our healthy schedule. We end up complaining that traveling has disrupted our life and made us lazy. On top of it, it takes days to adapt to a healthy routine that was previously followed.So, to cut all of these hurdles from your life, we are here with some easy-to-follow steps that would help you to reset your body’s healthy schedule after a vacation.

1.     Start your day with oiling pulling.

Instead of grabbing your phone as soon as you wake up try to detoxify yourself. Take some coconut oil, put it in your mouth and keep it for five to ten minutes and then spit it out. Brush your teeth after this. It will really help your mouth to get rid of all the bateria and plaque. Also, in the long run it will keep your gums strong and your teeth healthy. It is indeed the best way to detoxify that unhealthy bateria that we have un-intentially eaten during our travels.

2.     Meditate for atleast 30 minutes in the morning after a vacation

We tend to rest a lot after a long vacation, but that is just for your body, what about your mind? Meditating for ateast 30 minutes in the morning, gives your mind some space and rest to be prepared for future adventures. It not only relaxes your muscles but also detoxify your mind with any sort of tensions.

3.     Add warm lemon water drink in your morning ritual.

This is a well-known ritual, that is in everyone’s wishlist but has never been achieved. Break the pattern of long sleeps in the morning and try to wake up with determination, drink luke warm lemon water in the morning. This will not only help you to detoxify travel stress on stomach but will also cleanse your

4.     Balance your diet and eat light food.

Since you were traveling for some days, your stomach needs a break on a lot of carbs. So, try to eat foods rich in fibre. We really can’t fully control what we eat outside but at home, we must try to eat foods that are easy to digest and low on fat qoutient.

5.     Create a new timetable and slowly start burdening yourself with work.

Ayurveda just dosen’t talks about physical wellness, it also deals with mind wellness especially Let’s face it, work desk after a vacation looks like a pile of unfinished files and documents. So, instead of jumping right into all the pending work, start with a plan of finishing all the tasks priority wise. This will structure your work and will give you mental peace.

Most importantly, don’t stress on any matters. You just came back from a vacation, embrace those moments and get to your daily routine at a slow pace. Don’t rush on anything. Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!