The most joyous festival of the year is here, with lots of happiness and a beautiful vibe around the corner. Holi embarks on the welcoming of spring, one of the most colorful seasons. During this time, we all swing into the mood to celebrate, but something that we all should never miss is taking care of ourselves while playing Holi, and no wonder our hair is most neglected during this time, which eventually leads to a bunch of hair troubles, so what should we do, how should we take care of our hair during Holi?

Let’s find out in this blog, read more to learn more!!!

1.        Put a lot of oil into your hair

From childhood, we have heard this over and over again, this is the most effective way of keeping your hair safe during Holi. Oiling your hair beforehand not just helps you in getting rid of the colors later from your hair, but it acts as a protective layer throughout the event, helping to keep the strength & shine of hair intact.

  • Covering your hair

So, it has always been recommended to keep your hair covered with the help of a scarf to protect them from unwanted damage. This practice, when especially done after oiling gives time to your hair to absorb the nourishment. This is a really important regime before heading towards the celebrations.

  • Keep your haircut goal safe post-Holi

This is something that very few people know. Our beautiful hair is exposed to many things during Holi that makes them dry and damaged. Getting a proper haircut or trimming after Holi will help you to shed off that extra dry & rough ends caused at the end of the festival.

  • Never combing your hair after playing Holi

After coming back home from the celebrations make sure that you do not comb your hair before or even after showering. Endless color & splashes of water make hair roots brittle & more prone to breakage, combing them this time will lead to unwanted hair fall. Instead, try to manually shed off that extra dry color & after shower air-drying your wet hair. Also to make it frizz-free apply hair serum or tonic.

We really hope that this year Holi brings in lots of beautiful memories for you and your family, take care of your hair, and for more interesting blogs keep following Dr. Nitika Kohli’s website.