Holi has always been the most loved festival of India. People from all parts of the country enjoy this festival with full spirits. Frankly, we love how our nation celebrates the arrival of spring with so many colors. We know how colorful this festival is, but playing it with caution is our responsibility. Should we quote it like, we owe this to our skin. That’s why we thought of quickly giving you some tips and tricks to celebrate this festival of colors safely.

  1. Prep your skin

Holi is around the corner & so do the fun associated with the festival, to make it memorable for you & for your skin, try to indulge in the week-long prepping regimen. Use natural rose water every day to tone your skin pores, stay protected & never step out without sunscreen, avoid

exfoliation instead use a homemade face mask (Ubtan) for festive ready glowing skin.

  • Play with Natural colors

We have always been lucky to have so many offerings from nature. Organic homemade colors are just one of them. Playing Holi with organic or chemical-free colors is always recommended

because the lesser the chemicals, the more we are close to maintaining our skin’s health. So, this holi season, try to avoid harmful chemicals and go organic. Fun fact, it’s trendy too!

  • Use Coconut oil before going to play Holi.

This has been practiced in Indian households for so many years now, and it has become an integral part of the festival skin ritual. Endorsed by the best – Our mothers, applying coconut oil on the skin before going to play Holi will protect your skin from colors. Those who don’t apply coconut oil have to go through lots of rubbing on their skin to take the colors out, which is never a good practice while coconut oil makes it very easy.

  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

During festival times, we often fall prey to oily and fatty foods that make us go slow and lethargic all the time. This year, try to limit your oily eating habits and eat healthy. Drinking

water is another way to keep your skin hydrated & well protected throughout the festival. Less water in your body makes it look dehydrated.

  • After Holi tips for your skin

When you are done playing Holi, never use artificial scrub to remove color. Always use homemade ayurvedic face scrub (Ubtan) rather than soap as because of colors, your skin has become extra sensitive & reactive.

DIY color removing scrub- Take 2 tsp of gram flour mixed with a few drops of almond oil or milk cream, and add 1 tsp of rose water. Mix them all well & apply this thick paste on your skin, once the paste dries, gently remove it from your skin, this will help you get away from the color that may have seeped down in your skin.

  • Avoid applying make-up after playing Holi

After you are through the festival, never apply makeup just after taking a bath or on that particular day because your skin is sensitive and has undergone a lot. It needs time to heal,

applying makeup on it will only lead to problems for your skin. Instead, apply pure Aloe Vera gel for deep hydration.

At last, don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful festival of colors and happiness. For more information on the Healthier way of living life, keep following Dr. Nitika Kohli’s blogs. See you in our next blog!