Covid has indeed made these two years very difficult, especially for children. From their physical development to their mental, emotional growth. Kids have become prey to this disease indirectly. From being stuck at home living the new normal through online classes to being glued to their tablets and phones, kids have become less active in their daily routine. This was just the damage from two lockdowns that we had. The worst is just near with the third variant of covid-19.

Researchers all over the world have been studying Covid-19 since its evolution, but what we need to understand is that it not only hits the health system of our world, but it is also hitting multiple sectors of human living. In these two variants, people have seen deaths and the economy failing. But the worst impact that Covid-19 has brought to our homes is on the development of our little ones.

It is believed that the third variant is affecting the children the most. So, more than now, we need to protect our children, take care of them and do take all the measures that build their immunity naturally.

That’s why we thought of writing it down and compiling all you need to know about building your child’s immunity in COVID-19.

  1. Switching to more digestive foods over processed ones

This lockdown has been difficult on our kids too. They have been caged in their rooms and have been forced to get glued to their devices. Hence, taking them away from all the natural ways of living, now they don’t go out, nor do they get direct sunlight. Moreover, processed foods have been introduced to Indian kitchens more in Lockdown. To minimize all this and build your child’s immunity naturally, one must switch to easily digest home-cooked food that should be served hot to the kids. This will give them all the nutrients and minerals they need and would take them away from processed eatables.

  • Let’s get our “Ek payala immunity vala” Kadas running back again.

These lockdowns have clearly shown us how important and heavenly our Earth is. Taking kadas every day just boosts our immunity like anything and we don’t think that we need any proof for that now. Make it a practice that you take a cup of Kada and drink it with your kid, this will not only build your immunity but will also help your kid in calming his stress levels. Make sure that you include Tulsi, Honey, and Giloy in your Kada to make it both effective and tasty for your kids.

  • Bringing the essence of Ghee in our lives back.

We all must have heard from our elders a lot that, earlier everything used to get cooked in ghee and people never got any joints problems even in their 40s which is quite the opposite now. People develop bone issues in very early stages of life. People catch cold & other infections very easily. Heating some Desi ghee and massaging it near the nose can be effective in relieving the person from cold. Regular massages if given to children with pure ghee can bring amazing results and can help them grow physical and mental strength.

4.     Fruits and vegetables should be taken seriously now.

We always say that the secret of healthy living lies in the arms of nature. God has indeed created these seasonal fruits and vegetables for a reason. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables helps our bodies to adapt to the season and also gives us immunity to fight seasonal infections. As this third wave is affecting the children most, we must add seasonal fruits to our children’s diet. They should consume during day time to avoid doshic imbalance in their bodies.

5.      Engaging your children in some physical activities.

Since our children are stuck at home, it becomes our responsibility to take care of their physical development otherwise they would become easy prey to obesity and will lose their power to fight over germs. Engage your children with some playful indoor physical activities like dancing, doing yoga, or Zumba. This will make their bodies flexible and help them to burn those extra calories. Additionally, it is proven that doing physical activities daily boosts your immunity naturally. So, involve your kid in any physical activity and get healthy together.

We know, adopting these ways involves major lifestyle changes, but taking baby steps towards these habits will help your child. After all, we all want the best for our children. Do try out these simple yet effective ways of building immunity naturally and let us know which one helped you in a major way.