You must have often heard from us that the Ayurveda way of living helps you a lot, both physically and mentally. Not just in your regular daily life, but also in the Covid era. Is it true? Does the Ayurveda concept have the power to put a protective health shield around us to protect us from viruses?

We want to say a big Yes to answer all these questions! Ayurveda concepts have indeed been our country’s gold mine that dates back to centuries when people lived more meaningful lives and healthy ones. Today, we are just going to pull off some of their ways of living and try to fit into today’s modern living style to protect us from diseases and help us live a life that we can call a worthy one.

  1. The waking up cycle

According to the ancient science of living, we must rise in “Bharum muhurat” (early morning). This not only helps us in planning our days ahead but also encourages a healthy lifestyle. Most people who rise early and exercise tend to build a more robust immunity level than those who sleep late and wake up late. We must follow a regular schedule that our bodies and minds can adapt to and is healthy to rejuvenate themselves.

  • Introducing the Kada back!

Two recent lockdowns have indeed taught us the value and importance of India’s healing plants. Giloy, tulsi and ashwagandha have been prominent in news, debates, chats, and whatnot for being the face of immunity today. Indeed, everything is accurate; drinking hot Kada from time to time helps you to build your immunity and gives you a shield in these weather changes.

  • Eating at home should get a comeback.

We Indians are blessed with so many green vegetables and seasonal fruits that the answer to all our problems lies in the heart of our nature. From timely eating seasonal fruits to taking proper healthy diets in perfect time intervals can help our body systems to work effortlessly. Moreover, eating the right amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals can give our bodies the proper power to sustain in COVID-19.

  • Exercise for at least 45 minutes.

vyayam, or exercising daily, has always proven to bring back our hidden strength and cut back the extra fat in our bodies. These lockdowns people have found their way around to make sure that they exercise even in the house. But with lockdown opening up, we forgot this part of our lives that would help us go a long way. We suggest you all take time out for yourself and exercise for 45 minutes. This will help your muscles gain power and give you the strength to fight back viruses.

  • Everything that you need lies in your kitchen.

We have said this earlier; we will repeat it; all we need to treat ourselves and keep ourselves healthy lies in our kitchen shelves. From turmeric to black pepper, kitchen ingredients can pitch in, preventing us from catching a cold or coughing for a more extended time. Let’s pick out some wonders of health from the kitchen today.

Cardamom, another common ingredient for Indian households, is best for your health as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Amazing to rid of extra congestion and prevents infections. Chew 1-2 cardamom before & after food every day.

Ginger, commonly known as Adrakh, is an Indian spice with excellent detoxifying properties. They can help us get rid of pollutants from our lungs, hence clearing out toxins to breathe. Take a small slice of ginger in a raw form or consume ginger juice with honey.

Black Pepper, Kali Mirch sincerely needs no introduction, famous for its everyday consumption; this spice of Indian household is not yet famous for the house of antioxidants it has, which has the potential to cure many respiratory issues. Add 2-3 peppercorns in your regular tea.

Believe it or not, nature has its ways of treating people and giving them health signals. We need to understand that and act accordingly. That’s the beauty of Ayurveda. See you in our next blog; till then, keep following natural ways of living.