The Second wave of COVID-19 is here and unlike any other virus, its impact got even worse due to the changing season, especially making it difficult for parents to differentiate between seasonal or COVID symptoms. While witnessing the fact that last year the virus was not seen to be impacting kids as such, but the new mutant of the virus is turning out to be lethal for the young brigades as well. Also, it is found that kids due to their love for junk food relatively lowers their immunity therefore so as to keep us and our kids protected it is important to boost immunity, give our kids balanced & healthy diet, indulge them inactive lifestyle.

Here in this blog, we share with you some Ayurvedic tips to boost the immunity of your kids. Let’s begin!

Give salads and fruits- Food that is easily digestible and light should be preferred more. For instance, instead of giving them packaged juices, give them fruits to eat in the morning preferably before the actual meals. This will ensures better metabolism.

Add tulsi and ghee- Make sure you add tulsi leaves to the water you drink and even the food you cook. Also, instead of refined oil and mustard oil, start using Desi Ghee, as it is more nourishing and good for the kid’s immune system as well.

Practice Yoga- Pawanmukatasan and Surya Namaskar are some of the yoga poses that the kids must practice for 15-30 in the morning. This will keep them fresh and active all day long & give them quality sleep at night.

Massage oil- Using cow ghee to massage the feet of your kids at least three days in a week during night time is also very helpful to mitigate daily stress. Make sure to put some ghee in their nostrils as well.

Prepare herbal Decoction- For this, you should boil water with a small piece of ginger & 2 black pepper, leaves and let it cool. Give this to your kids to drink every day to improve immunity.

Do try these tips and stay safe!