The covid cases in India are rising again, exponentially. This time it has gotten worse. As we look back, we realize how last year we were resting in our homes making dalgona coffee, following our hobbies, spending time with our families, pets and practicing mindfulness. Cut to the year, 2021, where we felt things will get better, we find ourselves dreading the virus more than ever. We are sharing leads for beds, plasma, oxygen, and more. The current healthcare infrastructure is not able to accommodate the hike in covid cases. 

 Experience The Power Of Ayurveda 

 In these turbulent times, it is in the best interest of everyone to stay indoors and work on strengthening their immune system. Besides, if even then someone in the family catches the virus, we suggest leaning to ancient Ayurveda to help heal the person so that it doesn’t get so adverse that you have to begin hunting for a bed in some hospital. 

In such circumstances, various ayurvedic institutes like All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), Ayurveda & Unani tibbia collage (A&U tibbia college), has shown remarkable recovery of covid patients with ayurvedic treatments in mild to moderate covid cases.

 Meet Dr. Nitika Kohli

 Dr. Nitika Kohli, a veteran practicing Ayurveda for more than 14 years now is a great Ayurvedic doctor. Currently, she practices at AIMIL healthcare & research center in Delhi and has successfully treated thousands of patients. 

 She has an aptitude to make every patient no matter how apprehensive comfortable through counseling, managing, and monitoring the progress. 

Amongst all the known ayurvedic doctors in Delhi, she gives advice and treatment for various lifestyle disorders. For that she doesn’t consider the end of her duties at diagnosis and prescription, she walks an extra mile to keep the morale and motivation level of all the patients high and stick to following the best lifestyle. 

An ayurvedic doctor like her is a blessing in these testing times when everyone is scared of the virus and a slight symptom leaves them petrified. 

 So, don’t think much;

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 Stay healthy and safe everyone!