Childhood is an experience of life for both children and adults. Any good habit inculcated in this phase of life goes a long way. Ayurveda has always been a practice that helps people preach good health with healthy ways of living. With its varied teachings, Ayurveda makes living worthwhile and beautiful. So, let’s start this week’s blog that will surely enlighten you with lots of ways in which you can boost the immunity of your child and help him/her to pivot through any difficult health time that life would put in front.

1- Purna Aahar (Complete balanced and nutritious diet)

Taking a balanced nutritious diet is the most essential practice during childhood days. To ensure a balanced nutritious diet one must include a lot of leafy green vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in your child’s diet and motivate him/her to eat gur (Jaggery) instead of sugar. Cutting down on sugar at an early age of life will surely help to prevent children from adversities related to excessivesugar intake. Taking a well-balanced diet will not only make your child more powerful from inside & also let him/her stand strong against all seasonal infections.

2- Vihar (Lifestyle habits)

It is a very famous saying that children learn from their adults. So, to inculcate good values and good habits in children, first, you need to bring some changes in your lifestyle. The best way you can do this is by involving children in your daily physical activities, avoiding using phones when you’re with them, scheduling fixed sleeping time for complete family & most important keep a proper check on emotional status.

2a- daily practice Yoga

Practicing yoga since childhood is a habit that we must inculcate in every child. Learning yoga asanas is beneficial for overall development of the child. It not only makes the body flexible but also enhances the immune system. It increases the oxygen flow in the body and also helps in synchronizing the mind with the body.

2b- Santulit nidra (Sleeping for enough hours)

Lack of Sleep is the root cause of imbalance in our body. Sleep deprivation lowers down the functionality of the immune system and makes us easy prey to infections. The same is with the kids. Adequate sleep is very necessary for the human body to function properly. Newborns need at least 18 hours of sleep and toddlers require at least 12 to 13 hours of sleep.

2c- Regular lukewarm baths

Ayurveda suggests that it is very important to take baths with lukewarm water in the morning. It not only relaxes the muscles but also helps in calming the body from within. For kids, this habit is excellent to follow as it not only removes surface bacteria & impurities but also adds fun time into their boring routine.

Swarna Prashna

Swarna prashna is a very well-established ayurvedic practice stated in ancient text. This vidhi (process) includes ingestion of Swarna bhasma which is also known as gold ash to be mixed with honey and ghee. The mixture is given to the child at a specific time & day of the month by an expert. This is known to increase the psychological and physical development of children.

Disclaimer- This practice should always be done under medical supervision.

We hope that you would inculcate these healthy habits in your child’s daily regime and will also follow some of these to boost your immunity. Follow our blogs for more such tips on healthy ways of living.