Due to the sedentary lifestyle, every other person is worried about gaining weight. But worrying would do no good until no action is taken in the right direction. Clubbing the options like increasing your physical activity, be in a calorie deficit, and switching to healthier food alternatives is a great recipe for weight loss. However, if you are someone who keeps procrastinating about exercising or doesn’t actually have time and energy to do it. Ayurveda can stand alone helping you begin your fat loss journey.

Here are top five recommended Ayurvedic fat loss tips by Dr. Nitika Kohli

How ayurveda fights fat loss?

Ama recognized as toxins in Ayurveda, when removed or reduced from the body, can accelerate your weight loss process. They are accumulated in our body as a result of bad diet, chronic stress and other external factors. The fat cells are where they get stuck, making fat cells expand and causing weight gain especially around the hips, thighs and stomach.

To remove ama from your body and detoxify it, here are some of our top recommendations-

Ayurvedic Fat Loss #1: Detox Tea
To make this, you can boil 2 to 3 cups of water and add ½ teaspoon cumin seeds while boiling it for 5-6 minutes by covering the lid off. Here are some things you can add- whole fennel or coriander seeds. Store it in a thermos and keep drinking it all day long.

Ayurvedic Fat Loss #2: Triphala

This is a famous Indian herbal combination made by using three super fruits haritaki, bibhitaki, and amalaki. You can take ½ teaspoonful triphala powder with 1 cup of luke warm water.

Ayurvedic Fat Loss #3: Take 50% calories in lunch
Instead of cutting down your daily calories intake, drastically all of a sudden, you can begin by taking 50% of the calories during the lunch itself. This works amazing in reducing body fat as at lunch time the digestive fire is at peak and gets weaker during  end of the day. You should also try to eat nothing after seven in the evening.

Implement the above mentioned tips and you can yourself see the difference in your weight loss journey. Make sure you keep your breakfast light with oatmeal, fruits or cereals, lunch the heaviest and dinner should have smoothies, soups or sautéed vegetables.

Good Luck!