TRIDOSHAS- The Three Fundamental Energies

AYURVEDA- Finding the right balance in life.

To learn how Ayurveda can be beneficial for us, it is first paramount to know on what basis Ayurveda characterizes the human body and how imbalances in our body can be solved through Ayurvedicrituals &practices.

In Ayurveda, they say, our body is made up of-

  • Doshas– The three energies within our body which are the Vata, Pitta and the Kapha.
  • Dhatus– The tissues which make up our body.
  • Agni – The fire or the heat energy within our body.
  • Malas– The waste material present in our body.

The doshas are primarily the forms of energies an individual has within their body, classified by various aspects of likes, dislikes, behaviors and physical, psychological characteristics and much more.

Now let’s understand each of the Doshas-

Vata Dosha

A person with a dominant VATA DOSHA has a lean and delicate being, they predominantly are sensitive and creative. With active body functions, they can also be forgetful and rough at times.

Physical characteristics – Cool & dry skin, thin or lean body, talkative speech, and disturbed or light sleeper.

How to correct imbalancedVata Dosha?

Try to get a minimum of 8-9 hours of restful sleep, body oil massages using almond and olive oil are highly beneficial.


Pitta Dosha

A person with a dominant Pitta Dosha has an active metabolism with a strong body. An athletic body with a sharp mind means that your Pitta Dosha is very dominant. Such people are easily prone to body inflammation and are competitive in behavior. 

Physical Characteristics – Well defined muscles, slightly oily or heavy skin, intolerant towards heat or warm environmental conditions.

How to correct imbalancedPitta Dosha?

Breathing exercises and early sleep timing can have great benefits for people with a dominant Pitta Dosha. Eating fresh and bitter fruits and vegetables daily is also a rewarding daily ritual.


Kapha Dosha


A person with a dominant Kapha Dosha has a strongly built body but with altered metabolism. People with increased Kapha Dosha have a patient and a stable mind but are slow to adapt to change and tend to put on weight with ease.

Physical Characteristics– Broad and round body with thick and oily skin, thick nails and sturdy bone and well-built endurance.

How to correct imbalancedKapha Dosha?

Messages using sesame seed oil or mustard oil are highly beneficial, especially when the oils are heated. A little extra exercise and a light dinner are very impactful in balancing the dominant Kapha Dosha.

Thus, maintaining a good balance among all your doshas can pave a path towards a happy, healthy and wealthy life for you.