1. Always remember your skin needs water.
    Keeping your water level intact during summers is a key to healthy, glowing skin. So before
    jumping straight to your new summer skincare routine & exchanging your cream-based face
    wash to gel-based face wash or moisturizing face creams to oil-control moisturizer. Add some
    extra glass of water.
  2. Eat Seasonal fruits to keep your body’s hydration in check.
    Nature has always been a supporting hand to our health whenever we have looked upon it. In
    Summers, fruits like watermelon and musk melon are great water sources. So, including many
    seasonal fruits in your diet will be a great way to keep your water quotient in check this Summer.
  3. Add traditional “Sattu drink” to your meals.
    Summers heat can drain energy & make you feel dehydrated all the time. This flour-made desi
    drink made of roasted channa’s with its cooling properties is considered the powerhouse of
    energy that keeps the gut cool & skin super happy. To make a perfect Sattu drinkTake one teaspoonful of roasted chana powder, and mix it in a chilled glass of water. Now add a
    pinch of black salt, roasted Jira power, stir & mix everything well. You can also add jaggery as
    per taste.
  4. Practice the Ayurveda way of oil pulling.
    Dr. Nitika Kohli, through her Instagram profile, has time to time, motivated a lot of people to
    take up this habit of oil pulling. This practice doesn’t help oral hygiene to stay awesome but also
    strengthens facial muscles, boosts facial blood circulations & brings that natural sun-kissed
    shinier skin. So, from now don’t forget to include oil pulling in your daily schedule.
    Essential skincare routine
  5. Cleansing your skin is very important.
    For natural cleansers, apply powdered dried orange along with lemon peels. Mix them well with
    Multani mitti, and rose water and create a paste that you can use easily on your skin. Apply this
    paste to your face and wash it off with plain water. It will deeply clean your skin and take out
    excess oil from your skin and clean it from within.
  6. Exfoliating with sugar.
    Sugar for your body intake has always been a No, but it’s a big yes for your skin. Do you know
    that exfoliating your skin with sugar can naturally boost your skin cells? Sugar is recommended
    for skin in Summer as it naturally removes those loaded dead skin cells while keeping your skin
    nourished from the inside. And yes, exfoliating once a week is a must in summers.
  7. Rose Water as a toner.
    We have always manifested the power of nature over chemicals. And from time to time, studies
    have proven that natural ingredients can do wonders for your skin. Coming to your toner needs,
    rose water in Summer can be your best friend, and a cooling, soothing toner can be sprayed or
    damped on your skin to calm those blotchy & irritated skin.
    Skincare summers hack
  8. Use Neem for pimples and skin problems.
    Summers can be challenging for your skin; the constant heat and sweat can bring out skin issues
    in your body. Especially in the facial region, people experience more pimples in summers; that’s
    why we recommend taking excellent care of your skin this season. Neem s naturally a very
    cooling oil that can help you in many ways.
    ● Neem oil- Take a few drops of neem oil and massage it on your face gently; this will
    make your skin feel calm and help your skin from pimple problems as it cools down the
    inflammation of the skin naturally.
    ● Neem leaves- Take 4-5 neem leaves and boil them in 2 cups of water until reduced to
    half. Drink this drink twice weekly for purified skin.
    ● Neem bark- Try adding neem bark to the morning brushing routine instead of regular
    brushing this season. It will not only help improve oral health and detoxify the skin from
  9. Apply raw milk to beat the aftereffects of heat.
    Raw milk is an excellent source to calm and soothe your burnt or red hot skin. Dip a small
    portion of cotton in raw milk and apply it directly to your face; it will stop the inflammation of
    your face and keep your skin nourished.
  10. Aloe Vera for Summers.
    Summer cool King, Aloe Vera, is every person’s best friend. It has natural cooling properties and
    benefits your Summer’s tan body in many ways. Applying aloe vera gel to your skin can stop
    Summer related skin irritation and reduce sunburn and rash.
  11. Make curd your best companion to reduce tanning.
    To remove tanning naturally:
  12. Take a cucumber and grind it well.
  13. Mix that pulp with yogurt and apply it to your face daily.
  14. After 20 minutes, wash it well with plain water. It will help you remove tanning naturally.
    We hope these remedies help you beat the summer heat this season and you can protect your skin
    naturally. For more natural healing and Ayurveda learning, keep following our blogs.