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Dr. Nitika Kohli is a leading Ayurvedic Skin doctor in Delhi & the leading expert at AIMIL Healthcare.

The leading maestro of AIMIL Healthcare, Dr. Nitika Kohli is a prominent Ayurvedic Expert. Being an Ayurveda Postgraduate and Gold Medallist from University of Delhi, she has delved her study into the search of social well being. She is known as among the best ayurvedic doctors in Delhi. Her marked contributions to society for the welfare of Vitiligo patients is widely recognized and well appreciated.

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Best ayurvedic doctor in Delhi

Renal Calculus

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Delhi


BAMS, MD – Ayurveda

(Gold Medalist)

Best Ayurvedic Doctor Delhi


A Total of 14 Years

of Experience

Ayurvedic Skin Doctor delhi


Ayurvedic Physician known

for expertise in leucoderma

Experienced Ayurvedic Doctor Delhi

Patients Treated

More than 1lac to 2lac

patients of Vitiligo Treated

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– Dr. Nitika Kohli

About Us

Dr. Nitika Kohli is a Delhi ayurvedic doctor and expert based in Patel Nagar West, and has an experience of 14 years in this field. She practices at AIMIL Healthcare & Research Centre in Patel Nagar West, Delhi. She completed her BAMS, MD (Ayurveda) from A & U Tibbia College, Delhi University in 2006.

A versatile & high result-driven Ayurvedic Physician who is well known for her expert ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo or leucoderma. With her aptitude, she is able to put patients at ease by counseling, monitoring and managing the changing condition of her patients.

Among the well known and reliable ayurvedic doctors in Delhi, she eandeavours to manage and advise for various lifestyle disorders. She provides extra care to the patients by successfully motivating them and helps regain confidence by improving their quality of life.

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Best ayurvedic doctor in Delhi

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Best ayurvedic doctor in Delhi

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